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The Craft of the Screenwriter was one of the first books I ever bought on screenwriting. It’s older than some of the readers of this blog. I picked it up when I was in film school in 1982 when screenwriting resources were limited. (The Craft of the Screenwriter is worth having in your library and you can pick it up for a few cents on Amazon—plus $3.99 for shipping, of course.)

It has been amazing to watch the cottage industry related to screenwriting pop up over the years. Books, seminars, DVDs, blogs, etc. make this the golden age of learning. Has that translated into the golden age of screenwriting? You tell me.

“The whole point of theater is, to paraphrase Arthur Miller, to bring one shred of meaning or insight into the otherwise meaningless life of the audience.”

Paddy Chayefsky (Three time Oscar-winning screenwriter; Network, Hospital, Marty)
The Craft of the Screenwriter
Interview with John Brady
page 53

Who am I to disagree with Miller and Chayefsky, but I’m wouldn’t go as far as to say the lives of the audience are meaningless. (And I’m not sure Hitchcock would agree with them.) Though I do agree with the provocative statement that theater (and movies and TV programs) at their best can shed a ray of light in the dark.

Scott W. Smith

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“A writer’s job is to imagine everything so personally that the fiction is as vivid as memories.”          John Irving

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