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According to Script magazine White Rock Lake Productions was doing something a little different when they produced Angel of Death recently not only as a web series but also as a feature film at the same time. Directed by Paul Etheredge from a script by comic book writer Ed BrubakerAngel of Death takes online production up a notch—it was shot with a RED One HD camera over a three week period.  It was an odd opportunity that Seattle resident Ed Brubaker was not sure he wanted to gamble on. 

“I’ve been dealing with Hollywood for almost a decade on stuff, and I was pretty sure nothing was ever going to get made, and now with this one thing happening, I have multiple offers on one of my graphic novels and people are offering me screenwriting gigs. I almost blew these guys off because it just seemed like some low-budget Internet thing that was never going to happen. Thank God I didn’t. Actually having something made seems to mean a whole hell of a lot to Hollywood.”
Ed Brubaker
                                                             Death to the Risky Online Series
                                                             by Robert Gustafson & Alec McNayer
                                                             Script magazine/ March/April 2009

The results of the film starring Zoe Bell debuted this month on Crackle.com.

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