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“Have you ever wondered why it had to be so hard to get through school? Or just make it from day to day? Well, that’s because what you were building (your foundation) had to be strong enough to support the weight of whatever you could dream. And if you’re like me, you’re a huge dreamer.”
Tyler Perry
2016 Tuskegee University commencement speech  

How big is Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia? Well, as CBS’s Norah O’Donnell points out, if you take the Los Angeles/Burbank studios of Warner Bros., Paramount, and Disney and combined them together—they’d still be smaller than Tyler Perry’s 330 acres studio.

Scott W. Smith 

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This morning I returned some rental equipment to PC&E Atlanta and learned that Tyler Perry’s Studio wasn’t far away. So  heading south on I-285 back to Florida I made a slight detour to drive by Mr. Perry’s 200,000 square foot studio. As I took the above photo I recalled the Tyler Perry phrase “Super-Serving Your Niche”— that I first heard Edward Burns say on Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast, but found the same essential comment in a Vanity Fair interview:

“I worked with Tyler Perry last summer on this film called Alex Cross. While we were shooting, he told me that he had just recently re- watched Brothers McMullen and he asked me why that in 15 years, I hadn’t revisited the world that Brothers McMullen and She’s the One had, that Irish-American working-class milieu. Quite honestly, I didn’t have a reason. The story just never presented itself to me. He said, ‘Please take some advice from me. Think about super-serving your niche. I would imagine that a lot of Irish-American folks out there, who felt a connection to those themes and characters, would love to see another of those kind of films from you. ‘”
Edward Burns on his film The Fitzgerald Family Christmas
2012 Vanity Fair interview by Julie Miller 

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P.S. Many thanks to Stephen at PC&E for handling my last-minute rental request. In you’re in Atlanta or going to be doing a production in the Atlanta area check out PC&E because it’s an impressive rental house and studio set-up.

Scott W. Smith

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