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“I was working on The Simpsons as a consultant, and I was trying to get movie ideas off the ground. I could always get on the runway—I could always get a project backed, and I could develop it—but I was never getting cleared for takeoff. And I wasn’t getting cleared for really dull reasons—because my guy would get fired and then the new guy wouldn’t want anything that the old guy had, or some other movie was vaguely related would tank at the box office, so they’d say, ‘Naturally, yours will fail too.’ So I was frustrated, and at the same time I was starting a new family. So it was the twin anxieties of trying to find meaningful work and being a good father that fed into this story. At the time, I just thought I was making a funny idea about an over-the-hill superhero. It didn’t occur to me that it was life feeding into it. But I think the reason I was so taken by the idea was because on some level I related to all the characters in the story.”
 Writer/director Brad Bird on The Incredibles (Oscar-winner for Best Animated Feature Film)
Interview with Peter N. Chumo II
creative screenwriting November/December 2004

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Scott W. Smith

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“Francis Ford Coppola may have people over to his house and read his script and discuss things, then go back and rewrite. This is very much like the way I work with the story team.”
Brad Bird
Two-time Oscar winner
Writer/director The Incredibles,  Ratatouille
Creative Screenwriting magazine
Volume 14 #3
Page 66



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