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Before J. Michael Straczynski created Babylon 5 or wrote the feature Changeling he wrote The Complete Book of Screenwriting back in the 80s. In 1996 he updated the the book. Straczynski didn’t attend film school but received degrees in psychology and sociology. He seemed to take the dream big, start small approach, “I cut my teeth on little community theater, local newspaper and radio stations.”

Now with hundred of produced credits to his name I’m guessing that he’s the most produced writer to ever write a book on screenwriting. (I’m sure there is a tip or two in there for you that makes the $1.46 plus shipping worth it to pick up from Amazon.) For the quote of the day by him I actually had to look up the word chockablock, which means exremely full, crowded, or jammed. (Don’t remember reading or hearing that word before.)

“The scriptwriting field is unpredictable and potentially hazardous to your sanity, chockablock with all the paraphernalia of warfare–booby traps, blast craters, land mines, poison gas and agents. Your best hope of survival is to begin the journey with as much information as possible about the landscape and the strange people who live hereabouts. Because, while there are certainly those among us out here who’d as soon shoot you as look at you, there are just as many happy to give aid and comfort to a weary soldier.”
J. Michael Straczynski
The Complete Book of Screenwriting
page 2

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