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“I got a job as a reader at $17 a week. I would get up at 4 o’clock every morning and work on original stories. I started selling them, and I became established as a screenwriter…Any talent is a gift, I think we’re obligated to work as hard as we can at whatever talent we’re lucky enough to have been given, whether it’s writing or music or painting. We should just be grateful.”
Screenwriter, playwright, novelist Sidney Sheldon (The Other Side of Midnight)
CNN Entertainment/Sidney Sheldon’s guid to success

Just trying to give the late Sidney Sheldon a little page time to counter my post (Hollywood Hacks & Shipwrecks) about a writer teacher I had who called Sheldon a hack. I don’t think he was a hack, but even if he was, he was one hard-working hack. Kept writing everyday into his 80s. Plus he was an Emmy-nominated, Oscar and Tony-winning, and #1 best-selling writer. If Sheldon in fact had limited writing skills he should be applauded, admired and studied. Because few writers in the history of the world had the critical, popular, and financial success—across film, TV and literature— that Sheldon experienced.

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