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Director Peter Weir grew up far from Hollywood (and has chosen to live far from Hollywood), but that hasn’t stopped him from being nominated for six Oscars on such films as Dead Poet’s Society, The Truman Show, and Witness. He was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and sees that as an asset.

“There was really no culture here when I was growing up. No great collections of paintings, and very little in the way of philanthropists, such as in your country, who would take their ill-gotten gains and spend it on art as their way of atoning. It sounds curious to say, but the landscape, nature itself, was probably the biggest influence on me, particularly being here in this great empty country and living by the sea as I did. I think that was my art gallery. It was an era when children were always ordered outside, and you could just wander off, go down to the bay. Boredom can be a tremendous advantage for anybody with imagination.”
Director Peter Weir
DGA Quarterly

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