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I’ll continue my run of posts on writer/director Greta Gerwig tomorrow but wanted to share a photo I took yesterday of a nicer than average Florida sunset.

As I driving east toward downtown Orlando I saw a man looking to the west with his camera pointed at the sky. “What’s that dude taking pictures of?” I wondered. When I looked into my review mirror I saw the sunset.

Knowing that sunsets fade quickly and that I needed something in the foreground. I drove about 100 yards and just stopped my car in the middle of the street by the Orlando City Stadium and got this shot with my iPhone.


Scott W. Smith

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And there’s that one particular harbour
Sheltered from the wind
Where the children play on the shore each day
And all are safe within
Jimmy Buffett
One Particular Harbour 

Do you ever hang out at your local library just reading through things you don’t usually read? I did that Saturday afternoon with a stack of magazines. One of those magazines was Sunset whose cover story was on the “Best small towns for ocean and outdoor fun, great food, and green living.” The magazine’s emphasis is “How to live in the west.”

The list included Capitoal, California (just over the hill from San Jose and where surfboard and wetsuit giant O’Neil has their headquarters), Astoria OR, Del Mar, CA, Hanalei, HI, and Homer, AK . It’s a good read and offered a mini-break in the middle of a Midwest winter. I also read an article in Sunset called “Travel is Tonic” which included a couple lines that jumped off the page:

“Maybe this is what it all comes down to, all of our wanderings, everything we’re set off to see, and do, or find. Maybe travel is as much an interior journey as it is a literal voyage. And if that’s true, what we’re after is far more than a bunch of snapshots. What we’re searching for, really, are new ideas about how we want to live.”
Susan Casey
Sunset magazine
March 2009
Page 38

I think in many ways you could say the same thing about the enduring power of cinema. That all the time we spend in the dark watching movies is more than just entertainment and a bunch of shared experiences, but what we’re really searching for “are new ideas about how we want to live.”

Scott W. Smith

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