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Every time it’s an Olympic year there are great stories of men and women who basically sacrifice their whole lives up to that point in order to have a moment in the spotlight. It’s inspiring when they win gold. Heartbreaking when they fall short. It’s amazing sometime how close these world-class athletes are in times and scores.

In the men’s Super G race yesterday the time between the Gold winner and the next seven spots was less than half a second. The top three got medals, and the rest as close as 200th of a second apart went home empty-handed. It’s no secret that the Olympics are very hard and very competitive.

The same can be said for screenwriting and filmmaking. And what’s nice about the book Tales from the Script, edited by Peter Hanson and Paul Robert Herman, is it’s full of screenwriters who share the ups and downs of a career in screenwriting.

“I think the most important thing you have to know is that it’s a very,very hard business, full of rejection and setbacks. If you don’t want to succeed really badly, you won’t. But, of course, if you get a movie made and it works, there’s nothing like it. Nothing.”
Nora Ephron (When Harry Met Sally/Julie & Julia)
Tales from the Script
page 269

“There’s a giant group of people who want to be writers, and a smaller group who actually write, and an even smaller group who are actually going to strive so hard that someone’s going to pay attention to them…I was obsessed at one point. I took every course, I read magazines, and I just kept going to movies. I remember at one point, I sat down and wrote down (copied) Rocky beat by beat.”
Steve Koren
(Bruce Almighty)
Tales from the Script
page 273

Scott W. Smith

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