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Happy New Year.

A lot can happen in one year.  As of one year ago today I had not seen the movie Juno, and I don’t recall having heard the name Diablo Cody yet. I hadn’t even thought about starting a blog or even read very many. Then a couple weeks into January 2008 I saw Juno and a few days later I started this blog. Hard to believe that was 90,000 words and one Emmy ago. Again thanks to Ms. Cody for the inspiration and to all those who read this blog in ’08 that helped keeping me posting.

The top five most read posts on this blog for that first year were:

Starting Your Screenplay (tip #6)
The Juno-Iowa Connection
Sleeping with the Enemy
Don’t Waste Your Life
Screenwriting da Chicago Way

My brief analysis of that is this: People are interested in knowing what it takes to write a screenplay and wonder where that writer of Juno came from and how there could be any connection between Iowa and Hollywood.  And how could a housewife in Cedar Falls write a story like Sleeping with the Enemy that would become a Julie Roberts film and make over a 100 million dollars. And since Chicago is the single biggest city I looked at where screenwriters come from outside LA and New York that makes sense I’d get a lot of views on that and  Don’t Waste Your Life got the views because it is loaded with quotes from many screenwriters about screenwriting and life.

And since this is the time of year where new year’s resolutions are made I’ll dedicate this post to everyone who says “This year I’m going to write a screenplay.” On top of the Starting Your Screenplay, I’d recommend these posts:

Everything I Learned in Film School
Where Do Ideas Come From? (A+B=C)
Can Screenwriting Be Taught?
Screenwriting & Structure (tip#5)
Screenwriters Work Ethic

The big change for Screenwriting from Iowa in ’09 is it’s going daily. Not as long posts but as single quotes about screenwriting from one of the many resources I’ve gathered over the years. (You know, the kind of quotes you mark with that funky yellow highlighter.)

I’ll still have longer posts once a week (and some audio and videos) but the main thrust will be short quotes that I hope will inspire and encourage you on your writing journey. And when possible I’ll let you know where I pulled the quote from. So to give you a taste of what’s to come in ’09 I’ll start right now with a quote from Ms. Cody herself.

“The fact is, when I wrote Juno—and I think this is part of its charm and appeal—I didn’t know how to write a movie.”
Diablo Cody
Interview with Chad Gervick
Writer’s Digest

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