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“Yes, it is over the top, but it has to be. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a Hollywood movie.”
Writer/Director Roland Emmerich on The Day After Tomorrow

Yesterday I was editing peacefully in my office when the biggest hailstorm I’ve ever seen (and heard) hit Cedar Falls. The same place that in the last two years has seen record flooding and a monster tornado. I’m starting to think I’m living on the set a Hollywood disaster movie. Speaking of…

The only movie I can think of with a hail storm scene is The Day After Tomorrow. A movie that showed super-sized bowling ball sized hail that dwarf’s the golf ball sized hail that pelted parts of Iowa yesterday. But people don’t generally go to the movies to see what they can see in their backyard. The Day After Tomorrow was co-written and directed by Roland Emmerich who has a history working on films that destroy cities or show the impending doom of the end of civilization as we know it.; Independence Day, Godzilla (1998) and most recently 2012.

Emmerich was interviewed by Daniel Robert Epstein who asked him, “What made you want to tell this (The Day After Tomorrow) story?”

ROLAND: It was taken from the book, The Coming Global Superstorm, by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. When I saw the book, I realized it was science fiction guys discovering the weather. Also, my very first movie was about weather control, The Noah’s Ark Principle [released in 1984]. Then, everywhere I started reading science magazines articles, which talked about everything leading to an imbalance, which leads to this worldwide storm, which leads to an ice age.

Some have called The Day After Tomorrow bad science, and others just call it bad filmmaking.

“Director Roland Emmerich is an ‘over-the-top’ director. He’s responsible for two of the worst summer blockbuster movies ever, Independence Day (1996) and Godzilla (1998). And now you can add a third, The Day After Tomorrow is possibly the worst film I’ve ever seen. It’s cheesy, predictable, laughable, and frankly made for dummies.”
Chris Wehner
Screenwriter’s Utopia

There must be a lot of dummies out there because The Day After Tomorrow made $186 million at the box office, and Emmerich’s films as a whole have made over one billion dollars.

Scott W. Smith

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