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As I close out this anniversary week of seeing Juno and starting this blog it seemed fitting to find a quote that connects screenwriting and blogging.

“Although there’s been a tradition of journalists such as Nora Ephron, Nick Pileggi, Paul Attanasio and Stephen Schilff jumping into screenwriting, Cody is one of the first from the new blogging world to cross over, bringing with her much of the raucous, young, irreverent attitude of the Internet.”
                                                                            Rachel Abramowitz
                                                                            Giving Birth to Juno
                                                                            Los Angeles Times
                                                                            December 06, 2007

Although in the same article Cody makes it clear her blogging wasn’t a master plan to pave the road to Hollywood.

“I hate the idea that I’m some sort of self invented Gatsby-type figure who clawed her way to the top. I have done nothing of the sort. I’m Forest Gump. I feel like I’m superimposed in all these scenarios. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing here.”
                                                                            Diablo Cody


Scott W. Smith

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