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“Chasing greatness is a forever thing. I don’t know if you ever achieve it, you just continue chasing it and hope that one day you get a fistful of it.”
—Tim Howard

Since there aren’t any sports being played at this time, the above video on soccer goalie great Tim Howard is a good follow-up to my last post on football coach Don Shula.

If you’ve followed this blog for years you may remember a 2011 post I wrote called How to Get Started Working in Production. 

It’s about how cameraman/editor Josh McCabe started working for me when I had a production company in Iowa and he was still in college. He went on to do some work for TBW/Chiat/Day and Smashbox in LA, before moving to Denver, Colorado to work for TransAmerica. He edited the above video and shot some of the footage.

He’s got a nice corporate production job with a large company in the Midwest that has an an annual revenue of $10 billion.  (A secure job in production where he can work from home is a valuable thing at the moment.)  And he continues to do freelance shooting and editing for various national brands such as NBC, Vail Resorts, and Red Bull.

I write a lot on this blog about using your production skills in ways beyond just narrative fiction. There are only so many of those jobs at any given time (and even fewer right now with the lockdown due to the coronavirus).

In the last chapter of my book (more info coming soon, I promise) I talk about people like directors Sean Baker (The Florida Project) and Lulu Wang (The Farewell) who paid the bills and picked up production experience doing everything from wedding videos to insurance interview videos for lawyers.

No one starts at the top of the pyramid. And, honestly, few get actually get to the very top of the pyramid. Tim Howard has had his share of individual accomplishments—even fistfuls of greatness—including his record 16 saved shots (a World Cup record) against Belgium in the 2014 World Cup. But they didn’t make it to the pinnacle losing to Belgium 2-1. Sports are full of those kind of gut-wrenching losses. Quarterback Dan Marino had 40 NFL records when he retired, yet he never played on a Super Bowl winning team. Two-time Super Bowl winning coach Shula once said he greatest regret as a coach was not winning a Super Bowl with Marino.

All that to say, aim for the pinnacle—reach out for a fistful or two of greatness—but know that there are lots of fulfilling opportunities on the pyramid.

Book by Tim Howard:  The Keeper: A Life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them 

Scott W. Smith 

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