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This past weekend in the Midwest there was more drama surrounding college and professional football than I think comes out in movie theaters any given weekend. (Year?)

There were 106,033 people in Columbus, Ohio watching USC come from behind about a minute before the game ended to beat Ohio State 18-15.

There were 110,278 people in Ann Arbor, Michigan to watch Michigan beat Notre Dame 38-34 by scoring a touchdown with 11 seconds left in the game.

And over in Wisconsin at a sold out Lambeau Field the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears 21-15 by scoring the winning touchdown with 1:11 remaining.

And perhaps the best ending of the weekend was a little less visible game in East Lansing, Michigan when underdogs Central Michigan upset Michigan St. 29-27. All it took was a last minute touchdown, a failed 2-point conversion, a successful onside kick, an off-side penalty on the defense on a missed field goal, followed by a successful field goal with 3 seconds to go.


Why can’t more movies be that engaging?


Scott W. Smith


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