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“A rivalry is an act of obsession and love, I wanted [Rush] to feel like a love story even though they were just bashing the living daylights out of each other.”
Rush screenwriter Peter Morgan
Reuter/Rush screenwriter inspired by rivalry, not Formula On racing

“[Rush] was suggested to me by my friend George Lucas, and it was enthralling because of both the unique characters and the thrilling drama of motorsports. When I started working with screenwriter Peter Morgan, we immediately understood that there was the opportunity to make a film that was fresh and different. He’s exceptional in unearthing these surprising conflicts in personal relationships, and the fact that Lauda and Hunt were so different allowed us to work on their profiles in an original way….The main theme is ambition. The level of ambition that’s necessary to overcome fear. Rush also tries to answer a simple, but terrifying question – what pushes a man to flirt so much with death?”
Rush Director Ron Howard
RUSH:The Movie—A Ron Howard Interview

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P.S. Ron Howard’s two Oscar-Awards were for producing and directing Frost/Nixon, a film which brought Morgan his second screenwriting Oscar-nomination.

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