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For years I drove through Illinois on I-80 to and never had a chance to stop in the Peru and Starved Rock area because I was either on my way to Chicago or heading home from Chicago. But I actually had a shoot in Peru the last two days so had a chance to kick around there and finally visit nearby Starved Rock State Park.

Though the area is just two hours west of downtown Chicago it’s quite a different world. I was hoping to shoot one of the many waterfalls they sometimes have there, but was told they were dry this time of year. So here’s some postcards from the road I shot on my free time in the area apart from the realty auction show I was shooting.

By the way, the 1989 movie Prancer written by Greg Taylor and starring Sam Elliot and Academy Award-winner Cloris Leachman was shot partly at Starved Rock. But I think “Starved Rock” is just begging to be the title of its own movie. (Maybe a reader from the area can pass on where that name originally came from.)




Scott W. Smith

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