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“Not all film heroes change: James Bond, Ace Ventura, Batman and other action figures are too busy effecting change, by saving the world or making us laugh, to undergo personal transformation. However, in the film stories we turn to time and time again, be it Casablanca, Witness, Moonstruck, Chinatown or In the Line of Fire, the hero solves a personal problem and undergoes change and endears him to us forever. We are grateful for their experience because most of us do not have the time in our busy lives to pursue self-transformation. Instead, we go to the movies. We pay movie stars a lot of money to show us how to change.”
Michael Chase Walker
Power Screenwriting
Page 4

P.S. Just last month I quoted Garry Marshall as saying, “Most good stories are Cinderella” and Blake Snyder once wrote that, “All stories are transformation.” Some transformation movies that quickly come to my mind are On the Waterfront, Toy Story 3, and most recently, Flight. What are some of your favorite transformation movies?

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