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“When I decided to continue to coach, I really did want to enjoy it. I really did want to have fun. And what better place than Miami can you have some fun? Gosh, it’s just been a blast.”
University of Miami head Coach Mark Richt
USA Today  (11/12/17)

(I’ll continue my run of posts on The Florida Project movie tomorrow, but give me a minute to talk about The Other Florida Project.)

Hurricane Mark is the main reason that Miami is ranked #2 in the Amway Coaches Poll this week. I never would have guessed that UM would be sitting next to the powerhouse Alabama team in November 2017. But as a fan I’m thrilled about it.

When University of Miami head coach Mark Richt (and former UM QB) was fired from the University of Georgia a couple of years ago there was not a Hurricane fan in the know who didn’t want Richt to return to his Alma mater.

The glory had long departed the program that had won five national championships between 1983-2001. My hopes was that UM would be back in the top ten on a regular basis in 3-5 years. Richt and his staff and players have made them into a national contenders in just two years.

And one of the fun things about watching the Hurricanes play this year is the five and a half pound sapphire-studded turnover chain that is draped around every Hurricane on defense that gets a fumble or an interception. Just a symbolic way to bring the swagger back to Miami. I can imagine what that imagery (and of course, the winner) is going to do for high school recruiting this season.

This won’t win me any points with Fighting Irish fans, but here are the highlights of the game yesterday when Miami defeated the favored Notre Dame team. After 15 years of traveling a bumpy road, allow a Hurricane fan to enjoy a moment of contentment.

Hurricane Irma.jpg

Smiling after Hurricane Irma only grazed Orlando in September, and hopeful for a decent season for the University of Miami football team

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Winter Park , Florida

Winter Park , Florida

Last week  I went to hear screenwriter Stephen Susco do a Q & A at Full Sail University. It wasn’t open to the public but I know some people who know some people, so I dropped in and found some worthwhile advice from a Hollywood veteran that I’ll pass on here in bullet points.

Back in 2009 in the post Screenwriting Post #83 (Stephen Susco) I mentioned that Susco wrote 25 screenplays before he had one produced (The Grudge). His numbers as of 2014…he’s now written 63 scripts and had a grand total of 7 produced.

Welcome to the Jungle
We’ve Got fun ‘n Games 

(But that’s Susco’s experience, he has a writer friend who’s written 28 scripts and had 20 of them produced.)

Sucso wore a Notre Dame hat during his Q&A which is where he did his undergraduate work before getting his master’s at USC film school. Some of his other credits are Red, High School, and Texas Chainsaw 3D. His next film to hit theaters is The Reach starring Michael Douglas. Here are ten takeaways form the Q&A with students, followed by an interview with Susco via Movie Greeks United!

* Filmmaking is a battleground of art and commerce.

* To investors, films are like widgets. Watch Shark Tank to see how investors think. When talking to investors think in terms of heart, mind, and pocket book.

* Screenwriters give up the copyright when they sell their script.

* Writing for Tv is attractive to feature screenwriters because writers are considered important in TV.

* Write what you’re passionate about (big Hollywood movie, horror, whatever) because even if it doesn’t get made, if it’s good it will open doors and people will ask, “What else do you have?” As an example Travis Beachman’s script Killing on Carnival Row got a lot of attention in Hollywood, but still hasn’t been produced. But it opened the door for writing assignments on Clash of the Titans and Pacific Rim.

* After his first script sold he couldn’t believe he was getting paid to do what he’d do for free. That first script sold for $38,000–but he had a partner so his half was $19,000. After taxes, attorney and agent fees he netted $7,500. It took them 2 years to write that script.

* He once spent four years on a script that ultimately wasn’t used for the movie that eventually got produced. He received an associate producer credit. It’s a business where a screenplay about your mother gets turned into a movie about Elvis and your name isn’t in the credits—or worse ,it is in the credits.

* You will hear the word “no” a lot and you’ll need to forget hearing it before the syllable “o” has faded from their lips.

* Pitching stories and ideas is not as common as when he first started in the mid-90s, but it’s easier than ever to make your own film. He mentioned writer/director Oren Peli and his film Paranormal Activity as an example.

* Think primal. Fear and personal loss are the foundations of many fine films.

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