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“When does anyone get to go to Disneyland with Walt Disney himself?”
Tom Hanks as Walt Disney
Saving Mr. Banks

Since I’ve been in a Disney state of mind this week touching on the film Saving Mr. Banks that will be released later this year makes sense. I’m sure the title will stick in time, but I had to Google “Tom Hanks as Walk Disney” to find it. It’s the story Walt Disney attempting to convince author P.L. Travers to make a film from her novel of Mary Poppins. (I’ve read it took 23 years for Travers to give Disney the rights to the book.)

Credited on writing the Saving Mr. Banks script are Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith. Here’s an interview with Marcel I found over at Scriptshadow.

SS: I discussed in my review of the script that the main character is pretty darn unlikable. You must have been aware that this might be a problem. Did this worry you? How did you approach it so that we would root for Pamela (P.L. Travers)?

KM: I think if I had allowed myself to think that people would dislike Pamela I would never have taken on the task. I approached her with a great feeling of tenderness; I was moved when I read her story and I enjoyed how ornery she was. I always wanted her to be a character you loved to hate but whom, over time, you came to understand was damaged and could forgive even if it was just a little. Creativity comes from all sorts of places and I admired Pamela for being able to create a character so beloved out of so much pain. [Saving Mr. Banks director] John Lee Hancock talks about how her life was shards of glass but that once you put those shards into a frame they become a thing of beauty. I guess that’s what we both hope the audience will see too.

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