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The way I write is to allow myself to do things kind of unconsciously, and then I try to craft them after I’ve done it unconsciously. I have the distinct experience of tapping into something where I can just write, and write, and write, and it doesn’t feel like I’m doing the choosing of the words. I’m sure everyone who writes at some point feels like that. And then I come back to it later and it’s almost a sense of I don’t know who wrote this. And now I have to make it into something that has form. There’s an odd disconnect with it because in a way it’s like you found something that someone’s left. There are moments where once I start structuring those things and making them have more form then I have to move it from A to B and I do have some teeth pulling moments of getting the story down. But for the most part it comes down like that.

“So in some ways I have this strange experience with a script of knowing that it works on the page but also I have a certain amount of mystery to what I’m saying and how these characters function. And when I have great actors they give me amore understanding of what it is I’ve written. And that informs how I’m going to direct it.”
Writer/director Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird)
Marc Maron Podcast interview

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