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Following the recent Morgan Spurlock post about Being Platform Agnostic, this weekend I came across a Q&A with filmmaker Kevin Smith:

Q: When you’ve said in the past that you will retire after Clerks 3 what did you exactly mean?

Kevin Smith: It’s not just me walking away. It’s just not me doing movies for movie theaters anymore. The kind of stories I like to tell aren’t cost prohibitive—people talking to each other. I’m able to control the costs now. Clerks 2 cost $5 million to make and had a $10 million advertising budget. I wish it was the other way around. How do I get away not spending so much on advertising? By not taking the movie to the movie theater. It’s that simple. There are so many places to tell stories. I want to tell cool stories and not have to ask for permission.
Interview: Kevin Smith isn’t the silent type
Luis Gomex, Chicago Tribune

P.S. One of the platforms Smith has the fan base for— and desire/talent to d0— is tour events where he shows his film in various cities and speaks live afterwards. He did that with Red State and is currently doing with Super Groovy Movie. He says it’s “great financially” and “Nothing feels better than standing in front of hundreds of people who love what you do.” Next up in June are Charlotte, NC, Columbus, OH, and Covington, KY. Check this link for the tour through July.

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