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“For those of you who have seen Living in Oblivion (the best movie about making a movie), there is a wonderful scene that’s repeated throughout the film of various crew members sniffing the milk container on the craft services table after they’ve poured themselves a cup of coffee. Everyone makes a face, puts it down and walks away. That’s just one little jab pointed at all those filmmakers who don’t take care of their crew in the simplest ways.

Living in Oblivion is a great film that should be required viewing for anyone who wants to make a feature. You will laugh at the stuff that goes on, but just about every low-budget shoot I have ever worked on had at least one of those elements happen. I think the movie is a documentary. It’s a good way to avoid pitfalls. I walked out of the theater feeling like I had worked with half of the crew portrayed in the movie. If you want to make movies, see it.”
Kelley Baker
The Angry Filmmaker Survival Guide; Making The Extreme No-Budget Film (part 1)
Page 149-150

P.S. Living in Oblivion was written and directed by Tom DiCillo, who was the cinematographer on Stranger Than Paradise. If you haven’t seen that film, check it out because it’s a great example of “embracing your limitations.” Each scene in the black & white film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch was shot in one-take master shots.

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