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“Shocking is easy. Shockingly brilliant, a bit more challenging.”

Back in January of 2011, I wrote a post called How to Get Started Working in Production about how Josh McCabe started working for me while in college and was heading out to Los Angeles to work as an assistant editor. Josh returned to Iowa last week to visit his family and stopped by the office to say hello, help me get up on the Apple cloud, and give me an early birthday present—a book called leeclowsbeard.

The book is even signed by Lee Clow.

Yes, the Lee Clow, Global Director Media Arts at  TBWA/Worldwide. Perhaps Lee’s most well known as the co-creator of Apple’s Super Bowl commercial, 1984. He’s been a force in global advertising for the past four decades. Back in ’09 I wrote a post called “Here’s to the troublemakers…”  featuring Lee’s & his team’s work on Apple’s “Think Different” campaign. (Still a classic.)

And Lee wasn’t just being humble when he wrote “I didn’t write this!”—the just released book had its beginnings as a Twitter feed in 2009 written by Dallas-based freelance copywriter Jason Fox. Check out the Fast article by Rae Ann Fera to see how the tweets became a book via the TBWA’s Let There Be Dragons branch. (Just checked Jason’s resume, and yes, he is a screenwriter as well.)

Just a year and a half ago Josh was a recent college grad helping me on productions and for the past few months he’s been doing regular freelance work (editing, shooting, etc.) at TBWA/Chiat/Day—a top 10 global agency.

Funny thing is I have a book at my River Run office called Chiat/Day: The First Twenty Years that Josh doesn’t remember seeing in his two years of working on projects with me. Below is a photo from that book that is a fond memory of mine. One day in the early 80s while I was in film school and driving on Barham Blvd. going from Burbank to Hollywood I saw a this Nike billboard by the backside of Universal Studios and it’s forever cemented in my mind. It’s of Los Angeles Raider great Lester Hayes. It was subtle and bold in the same time.

Josh flew back to L.A. Sunday and if you want to get a glimpse of where he’ll be working this week. Check out this video of the inside of the TBWA/Chiat/Day 120.000 suare foot mothership (or “Advertising City” as it’s been also called) in Playa del Ray. (If you’re looking for an advertising job or internship around the world check out the TBWA/Chiat/Day website.)

P.S. That NKLA shirt Lee is wearing in the photo with Josh is part of an initiative to make Los Angeles a no-kill city as it raises awareness and support for animal rescue organizations in LA.

Scott W. Smith

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“Technology is not a subtitute for an idea, it’s the thing that can nuture and allow ideas to get bigger and be more amazing.”
Lee Clow

Lee Clow is considered one of the great minds of modern advertising. He’s most known for his role in creating the Apple commercial “1984” that air during the Super Bowl and introduced the MAC computer. His company TBWA/MEDIA Arts Lab (formerly Chiat/Day) is also behind creating the “Mac Vs. PC” spots, as well as the “Think Different” campaign. If you’ve never seen the orignial ad, or it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, check it out for a little inspiration.

Since I’m a big advocate that screenwriting is writing for all kinds of screens big and small, writing dramas and writing advertising, I find it interesting when one is allowed a glimpse behind the veil of how a great creative idea is developed.

You can follow Lee Clow on Twitter.


Scott W. Smith

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