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Behind those Mad Men is a pack of woman.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned how Maria Jacquemetton was one of the writer/producers on the Emmy-winning TV series Mad Men. I don’t know what the ratio is this season for Mad Men, but in a 2009 Wall St, Journal article by Amy Chozick she points out that, “Seven of the nine members of the [Mad Men] writing team are women.”

The amazing thing there is as the article points out, “Woman comprised 23% of television writers during the 2007 to 2008 prime-time season” and
“nearly 80% of TV programs had no women writers.”

The entire series is saturated (either in single episodes or its entire run) with women in key roles on various episodes; directing, costume design, sound design. editing, makeup, casting, set design, etc.

It’s not easy to find interviews and information about these writers but here’s some info I found on one of them that shows her road the road she took on the way to winning a Primetime Emmy.

Kater Gordon: According to HamptonRoads.com , she graduated from high school in Virginia Beach in 2000 and then attended the University of Virgina. After school she worked as production assistant on a couple features (Munich, Enchanted) and then landed a job as a writer’s assistant on the first season of Man Men. And at the end of season two she wrote the final episode with the shows creator Matthew Weiner. She received her first solo writing credit in season 3 with The Fog.

And, in all fairness, I should mention that a few weeks after winning that Emmy Ms. Gordon was relieved of her duties as a staff writer on Mad Men. I’m not sure what she’s worked on since then, but her last IMDB credit was four years ago. No one ever said it was an easy business. But how many people go from college to a Primetime Emmy in five years?

Scott W. Smith

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