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For some reason my last post about a bar in Minneapolis and a film about a man named Walt Kowalski somehow made me think of the writer Charles Bukowski who had more than 20 of his stories made into films including Factotum that was filmed in Minneapolis. 

Though he was born in Germany in 1920 and came to the United States when he was three he never seemed interested in the American dream. He worked odd jobs around the country that provided him enough money to drink and write. One of those jobs was working for over a decade as a filing clerk at a post office.

An arrangement with publisher John Martin of Black Sparrow Books allowed Bukowski at age 49 to pursue writing full time. His first published novel was called simply Post Office. Bulowski died in Los Angeles in 1994.

“I never realized that there were so many movie magazines or magazines interested in the movies. It was a sickness. This great interest in a medium that relentlessly and consistently failed, time after time after time, to produce anything at all. People became so used to seeing shit on film that they no longer realized is WAS shit.”
                                                        Charles Bukowski


Scott W. Smith

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