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“The National Football League’s Super Bowl is not just the crowning glory of American Football. It is the Super Bowl of Advertising , the most watched, most anticipated, most expensive, most influential arena for major-television advertising.”
Bernice Kanner
The Super Bowl of Advertising

It’s estimated that 100 million people will be watching the Super Bowl this year. Of course, there’s a lot more going on than just football. In fact, you don’t even have to be a football fan to get caught-up in all the activities. Some churches even build their Sunday evenings around the big game by using their large screen projectors to show the game. Can stained-glass John Elway and Jerry Rice be far behind? (I’m afraid to Google that one.) Perhaps the culture war is over.

For the last couple years Doritos has sponsored a competition where anyone can submit a commercial with the winning ad playing during the Super Bowl. Since ads during that time usually cost around $3 million per thirty-second slot it was a bold move. But last years’ ad actually was rated higher by viewers and critics than many of the expensively produced high quality commercials. It’s one more link in the chain that is an indication of the direction that media is heading.

This year a freelance edited I use and his buddy wanted to compete in the Doritos ad so we spent a little time talking through ideas and I helped them flesh out a concept. A couple days later they shot and edited the spot and I was so inspired that I decided a day before the deadline to do one myself. I called a friend of my, spray paint artist Paco Rosic, and told him my idea and we shot it in two hours and it took me about two hours to edit. I was the entire crew and Paco’s girlfriend, Amy Anderson, was the additional talent.

Since I had little time (four hours) or money (under $10 for two bags of chips) invested in the little project. I wasn’t too disappointed that of the 4,000 commercials submitted this year that I didn’t make the top five. (Though the $25,000. each of them received, or the million dollar top prize, would have been nice.) But I’ll be watching tonight during the Super Bowl to which Doritos commercial(s) air. And I’ll take great solace in a couple friends who will tell me, “Dude, yours was way better than….”

But it was a good excercise in embracing your limitations and creating something. You never know where these things will lead. (Back in 2006 I produced a short video for Paco’s website and it ended up on the front page of Yahoo! for about an hour with a link to a news show they had back then called The 9 with host Maria Sansone. It landed Paco an appearance on Rachael Ray’s TV  Show.)

Keep in mind what you are about to see is the result of three people working half a day, not a production and advertising team if dozens of people and weeks or months of preparation. Let me know how it stacks up against the big dogs. (Best viewed in the 720p HD version.)

For those interested in the technical aspects, I shot it on a Panasonic HPX 170 P2 camera, 720p mode, Miller tri-pod, and two Arri lights  (a 300 fresnel and one open face 1K with a Chimera small softbox. Editing was done on Apple Final Cut Pro.

Scott W. Smith

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