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Last Thursday on the way home from a shoot I stopped at the Barnes & Noble in Iowa City. In the film/theater section I saw the book version of Lynn Nottage’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play Ruined. It’s a play I saw last Saturday in New York and it seems like I’ve been blogging about it ever since. The Iowa City Barnes & Noble happens to be where I bought the printed version of Diablo Cody’s Juno script. (And until I bought the only copy they had of Ruined it sat just one shelf away from the Newmarket Press publication of the Juno script.)

It seemed to be a fitting way to bookend an Pulitzer Prize-winning play and an Oscar-winning screenplay. And I should point out another intersection for the two works is right here in the heartland. Ruined was commissioned and originally staged by the Goodman Theater in Chicago and Diablo Cody was born and raised in the Chicago area.

Though one story is set in the Midwest and one in the Belgian Congo they both feature strong female roles, they both use humor to deal with serious situations, music plays a key role in both stories, and they both come in at almost the same page count (Juno at 101 pages and Ruined at 97 pages).

Of course there are differences in the stories but perhaps the most encouraging thing (especially for the female writers out there) is how these two original works have been so well received. And while you can run down to a store today and get a DVD of Juno, seeing a performance of Ruined is a little more difficult. So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Ruined at a local bookstore or at Amazon.

And just so you know Iowa isn’t out of touch (and you’re new to this blog), Diablo Cody got her B.A. in Media Studies at the University of Iowa and just a few months ago the theater group at UI performed Nottages’ play Intimate Apparel.

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