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So here’s our little 48 hour experimental film we produced a week ago for The 48 Hour Film Project (Des Moines). The genre we had to make a film in was “Ghost Story” and we had to include a character named Greg or Greta Calhoun, a can opener, and the line “I have three words for you.” The film had to be between four and seven minutes and from start to finish everything had to be done in 48 hours. (We delivered the video in Des Moines.)

Dominique Wooten had seen the film we made last year and was game for being our star this year. He’s a voice major at the University Northern Iowa so I knew we would feature him singing and just kind of back the story in from there. I figure if the film did nothing else it would highlight his voice. Dom is originally from New Jersey and while this is his first film he has performed on stage in musicals and operas.

Jack Ackerman who played the minister also had never been in a film or been a minister, but he is a lawyer and a Toastmaster so I knew he could speak. In fact, Jack will be competing next month against nine other people to be the top Toastmaster of 2009. One of the things Toastmasters does is prepare you to give 1-2 minute talks off the cuff. I knew Jack would come through.

And while the film was made in 48 hours the budget was probably only $48.

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