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Farrah. Michael. They are part of the small, but elite club in pop culture that are known by one name. Before their deaths yesterday, both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had their share of time in the spot light as well as time getting lost in their own versions of never never land. Seems to often be the price of fame and fortune. 

Yes, I was one of the zillions of teenage boys in the 70s who had the Farrah poster. And my first 8mm film as a 20-year-old film student at the University of Miami used Michael Jackson’s song She’s Out of My Life. A fellow student told me afters seeing the film, “I’ll never forget your film.” (Heck, I’ve pretty much forgotten that film–but I haven’t forgotten that compliment.)

Jackson & Fawsett came from smaller cities in the interior of the United States. Jackson from Gary, Indiana and Fawsett in Corpus Christi, Texas. I always like to point those things out. But what sometimes gets lost in the media flurry of discussing their deaths is these were two talented people. Jackson sold 750 million records and Fawsett was a three time Emmy nominated actress. 

And just to keep this in line with screenwriting I have been thinking in the last year or so about a lesser known film that Fawsett was in back in 1977, Logan’s Run. It’s a Sci-Fi film that takes place in the 23rd century where due to population control and the economy, people are not allowed to have a 30th birthday. And since the main character Logan is 29 he decides to run. Good concept and a fitting topic today as aging and the economy are hot topics. 

I did a little searching and found out that an updated version of Logan’s Run is in pre-production with a script being written by Oscar-nominated Timothy Sexton. (Though talks of a remake have probably been going on for a decade.) It would be a timely film that would probably address issues we’ll be debating long before the 23 century.

For what it’s worth, Farrah was 29 when her famous poster came out and Michael was 31 when he recorded “She’s Out of My Life”–their best work was years down the line. Let’s hope Logan’s Run is always considered to be Sci-Fi.


Scott W. Smith

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