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*Minor spoiler

“The hardest thing for me is getting started. I really need to get loaded up before I start writing. I hardly ever have been able to ‘see’ the whole thing at the outset, but if I ‘see’ the opening I can begin.”
Aaron Sorkin
Screenwriter, The Social Network

In the Script magazine article The Truth (?) About facebook, Bob Verini writes about Aaron Sorkin’s work on The Social Network “After months of research, having his clandestine meeting with sources and poring over the input to his Facebook page (screenwriter Sorkin) realized that the opening had come to him. Sorkin told Verini:

“I knew that it would be Mark (Zuckerberg) being broken up with by a girl; Mark going back to his dorm, blogging and hacking; starting Facemash; Facemash going viral; and a present-day legal deposition. Once I had that, I had my foot in the door and I wanted to write it.”

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