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I showed my wife the two pictures below and asked her if I looked like Tom Cruise and after studying the pictures she said, “Well, you’re both wearing a hoodie.” I think that means yes.

Check out the movie poster from Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol (which features Cruise as Ethan Hunt and opens today in the United States), and then check out the book cover for Blood Brothers which I posed for this summer. Eerie, huh? (Okay, maybe not, but enough of a coincidence to give me something to blog about today.)

Blood Brothers: A Heartland Cain and Abel was written by Scott Cawelti, and he and I completed the screenplay Shadows in the Dark this year based on the true story of a family of four that was murdered here in Iowa. As his book was being prepared for printing a couple of months ago the artist Gary Kelley asked me to pose for the cover and I was glad to do so. (The book was released just a couple of months ago and is already in it’s fourth printing.)

By the way, if you’re new to this blog check out this link to the official Tom Cruise website and blog where Screenwriting from Iowa got a nice unsolicited shout-out last year.

P.S. Back in the eighties my wife was working at the Disney Studios in Burbank when word got out that Tom Cruise was on the lot and she left her desk quick enough to get a glimpse of him as he got on his motorcycle and ride off. Judging from the video below he still causes a stir with the ladies 25 years later. 

Scott W. Smith

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