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“Dramatic irony is a powerful convention that occurs when the hero or villain is thwarted or rewarded in a painful or unexpected manner. In All My Sons [written by Chester Erskine from a play by by Arthur Miller], the father is so desperate to earn money for his family that he cheats on the equipment that his firm supplies to the Air Force. Later, his son dies while flying in a defective airplanes. The dramatic irony is that the father sinned to help his family, only to see his sins return and destroy his family.

War stories respond well to dramatic irony, as in All Quiet on the Western Front, which ends when the hero (Lew Ayres) reaches for a butterfly and is killed by a sniper. The war is about to end, the innocent hero makes a peaceful gesture, and the anonymous bullet ends his life, creating an exquisite moment of dramatic irony.”
Paul Lucey
Story Sense
Page 208

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