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Today I was looking over the writing nominations for the upcoming 2010 Academy Awards and was looking to pull a couple quotes from writers I had never discussed before. I landed on Bob Peterson who was the co-writer/co-director (along with Pete Doctor) of the Oscar nominated script and film Up. Peterson was also one of the writers on the Oscar Nominated Pixar film Finding Nemo.

Turns out he’s another Midwestern guy. According to IMDB he was born in Wooster, Ohio and studied mechanical engineering at Ohio Northern University where in graduated in 1983. He then went Purdue in Indiana and earned a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. In school he had a cartoon strip and eventually joined Pixar in 1994.

“The great thing about this film (Up) and any film we work on is that it contains truths taken from our lives. Pixar lets the directors create an ‘autobiography.’ In other words, things that are important to us make it into the film. I do believe that the greatest adventures happen between me and my kids, my wife, and in small moments. A morning around the kitchen table eating breakfast is an adventure in my house!”
Bob Peterson
Interview with Domic von Riedemann

Later in the same interview Peterson offers some advice to those wanting to get into animating, but much of it applies to screenwriting;

“First of all, just start animating! Don’t wait for someone to say it’s okay. When I was younger I drew a comic strip that appeared everyday in my college newspaper – I got to draw a lot and get a ton of feedback from readers. This was invaluable to me as a storyteller today.

Always carry a notebook to do sketches. Watch and analyze animation. Go to conferences and get to know people – it is who you know sometimes that gets you the job. The best advice is to make sure to get good life experiences – we draw from our experiences every day in story and animation!”

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