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“You never know what’s going to be great and lasting. Everyone talks about being a writer, but sitting down and actually doing it is a much harder proposition. It’s like telling a filmmaker to get your hands on whatever you can. Don’t be a snob and say, you know, put yourself in debt for $20,000 for your student thesis film. If you can, get your hands on video or shoot Polaroids for that matter, put something together quickly to make it look like it’s a movie. It’s whatever you have to do to practice. It’s like anything, it’s very much a craftsmanship kind of art: You get better at it the more you do it. I’ve heard people give advice, like hearing Oliver Stone say that he writes everyday, even if he throws it away, because the practice of doing it is valuable—getting in that rhythm of doing it. They are not unwise words, really.”
Writer/ Director Neil LaBute  (In the Company of Men, Nurse Betty)
Best of Creative Screenwritng
Interviewed by Marty Nabhan & David F. Goldsmith

Scott W. Smith

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