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Lake Wobegon 0463

I confess that when I was in my early 20s and was given some cassette tapes featuring Garrison Keillor I totally did not get his appeal. But somewhere on a long road trip I’m sure (as well as a few more years of life lived) I stumbled upon A Prairie Home Companion on some remote public radio station and the light went on. I’ve been a fan ever since. Now I search for him on whenever I’m driving on the road any given weekend.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to see A Prairie Home Companion preformed lived and it’s much better than the movie. And even more enjoyable than listening on the radio while on the open road. I recently found on the Public Radio website a question posed to Mr. Keillor by an aspiring writer in Chico, California asking for some writing advice. Here is part of his advice:

“If I were a California writer, I would try to describe this sense of easiness and perhaps tie it to the landscape and the climate. I’d write about people in love with their home. But they must deal with the same troubles that afflict other humans, and not only mudslides, earthquakes, and brush fires, but also the dreadful problem of indifference. Spiritual listlessness, what is sometimes included under Sloth, or Acedia, in the Seven Deadly Sins. The inability to carry out one’s duties. Not an easy subject, indifference, but it’s very much part of most good crime novels. Injustice is supposed to arouse us from indifference: an essential test of our humanity. And indifference is the prime target of satire.”
Garrison Keillor

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