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“Technology is not a subtitute for an idea, it’s the thing that can nuture and allow ideas to get bigger and be more amazing.”
Lee Clow

Lee Clow is considered one of the great minds of modern advertising. He’s most known for his role in creating the Apple commercial “1984” that air during the Super Bowl and introduced the MAC computer. His company TBWA/MEDIA Arts Lab (formerly Chiat/Day) is also behind creating the “Mac Vs. PC” spots, as well as the “Think Different” campaign. If you’ve never seen the orignial ad, or it’s been a while since you’ve seen it, check it out for a little inspiration.

Since I’m a big advocate that screenwriting is writing for all kinds of screens big and small, writing dramas and writing advertising, I find it interesting when one is allowed a glimpse behind the veil of how a great creative idea is developed.

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Scott W. Smith

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