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“You’ll be unstoppable if you become technical as well as creative.”
Producer/director/editor/cameraman/etc. Robert Rodriguez

Most of the people who have seen The Social Network are not even aware that it was shot digitally on the RED camera. Nor do they care. But back in 2003 when someone talked about shooting a feature film with an HD camera they were seen as somewhere between suspect and delusional. (This was four years before the RED camera would even be released.)

But way back in July 2003, Robert Rodriguez gave a talk at the Cary Grant Theater at Sony Pictures Studios on his experiences of shooting Once Upon a Time in Mexico with the Sony F900*—a HD camera that George Lucas had introduced to him;

“One of the benefits of being outside of Hollywood—one of the reasons I think like this (shooting digitally) has to do with the fact that I don’t live here. Because (in Texas) you’re so removed you get to examine (how films are made) and say, ‘That doesn’t really make sense for us out here. Let’s do what makes sense.’ And you find a whole other way of shooting.  And that’s one of the best things you can do for yourself even if you work here (LA). Try to get a birds-eye view of things and really question it and you’ll start coming up with different ways of doing things that work.”
Robert Rodriguez

Hat tip to Go Into The Story for posting the videos of Rodriguez’s talk.

Fast forward to 2010 and you can see that Rodriguez is still evolving technically. Click here to see the music video Like Romeo and Juliet that Rodriguez shot with two Canon 7D cameras.

*Note, to show how quickly the technology is changing…a Sony F900 (which if I recall correctly, cost new in the $100,00 range) today can be had for around $10,000—or about the same amount of a pimped out Canon 5D these days. (Sort of like the Canon 7D Rodriguez is holding in the above photo.)

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