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“Producers and directors buy a property because they like the story. Actors buy it because they see them­selves in a part. ”
Jerry Lewis
The Total Film-Maker

“If you want to attach a star, then you really need to have a great protagonist. A protagonist who is really active, who is really initiating the action of the movie, who’s responsible for the forward momentum of the narrative. And perhaps there’s a transformational arc there, because that’s what actors want to play. They don’t necessarily want to play the same note through the whole movie, so it’s about exploring those layers and really creating an emotional resonance to the character. Because, remember, we experience the story through the characters and because we really care about their experience and what it is that their journey entails—that’s where the emotional element is going to be.”
WME Story Editor Christopher Lockhart
Script magazine, January/February 2012

November 3, 2012 update: Just saw the movie Flight starring Denzel Washington. If you want to see Lockhart’s words in action see Flight. It’s not hard to understand why two-time Oscar-winner Washington was attracted to the script by John Gatins. In an interview with The Root Washington said of his pilot role, “The complexity was wonderful to play…this was an adventure. Starting with the screenplay and the collaboration with the filmmaker, getting a chance to fly around in flight simulators, hanging upside down in a plane and playing a drunk.” That article by Miki Turner also mentions that this was one of the last projects Washington’s agent Ed Limato gave him before he passed away. Limato’s client list included Russell Crowe, Meryl Streep, Sylvester Stallone, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Marlon Brando—so he had a long track record of picking the right roles for his stars. Lockhart worked with Liamto for more than a decade.

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