The Tarzan Method

“Your goals, your dreams are on the other side of the jungle. And there’s no straight line through the jungle….”
Casey Neistat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. I took this photo earlier in the week at Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant at Disney Springs. They’ve had a festival all week full of Celtic music and dancing. With bands playing inside and outside at Raglan Road it was one of the best Disney experiences I’ve ever had.


If you give an actor an honest role, they’ll want to play it. When I showed St. Vincent to Jack Nicholson, he said, ‘This is an actable piece.’ I spent time thinking, ‘What does that mean?’What an ‘actable piece,’ to me, ended up meaning is that it’s honest and pathos and everything you want. If you look at the movies that are out this year, you’ll find honest work. You’ll find honest work in Moonlight, honest work in Manchester by the Sea. I think that’s key. 
Writer/Director Theodore Melfi (Hidden Figures)
Space Race by Peter Hanson
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The first book I ever read in creative writing class was Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, and my favorite chapter from that is ‘Shitty First Drafts.’ So I have no problem writing a terrible first draft. I pretty much journal until I get to the point when I say, Okay, now there needs to be a first draft of this….Once I’m in the writing phase of something, I do try to write something every day, seven days a week, even of it’s terrible. I think it’s important to stay in the world of the characters.
Oscar-winning screenwriter Barry Jenkins (Moonlight)
Written by February/March 2017 
Interview with Ernest Hardy

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La La Liberty City 

Scott W. Smith

“If I don’t do a [stand up comedy] set in two weeks, I feel it. I read an article a few years ago that said when you practice a sport a lot, you literally become a broadband: the nerve pathway in your brain contains a lot more information. As soon as you stop practicing, the pathway begins shrinking back down. Reading that changed my life. I used to wonder, Why am I doing these sets, getting on a stage? Don’t I know how to do this already? The answer is no. You must keep doing it. The broadband starts to narrow the moment you stop.”
Jerry Seinfeld
NY Times/December 20, 2012
Jerry Seinfeld Intends to Die Standing Up  by Jonah Weiner

After film school, filmmaker Brandon Li (@rungunshoot) spent eight years working in reality TV before carving his own path making films in unlikely places. Here are a few samples of his work followed a talk about his background and creative process.

Yeah, what he said…

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