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Visiting the Old Idaho State Penitentiary definitely reminded me of my trip to “The Real and Creepy Shawshank Prison. ”




Scott W. Smith



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“Right before [landing the role in] Breaking Bad I was struggling to pay my rent . . .  I had no money and I read the pilot for Breaking Bad and I knew I had to fight for it.”
Actor Aaron Paul


Breaking close_3943

Three-time Emmy-winning actor Aaron Paul, who played  Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, first decided he wanted to be an actor while a student in Boise, Idaho. He left Boise and made his mark as an actor.

I took the above photo at the Freak Alley Gallery in downtown Boise.

Scott W. Smith




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Postcard 171 (Fanci Freez)


Who doesn’t like a retro sign and a blue sky. Took this photo yesterday at Fanci Freez in Boise, Idaho before I had my first ever banana milkshake.



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I took this photo of the Liberty Theater yesterday morning in Lewiston, Idaho. I don’t know how many of these postcards have been photos of classic main street movie theaters in the United States, but this isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

Scott W. Smith

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Postcard #169 (Lewiston Hill)


I took this photo today overlooking Lewiston, Idaho. 

According to Wikipedia, “Lewiston is located at the confluence of the Snake River and Clearwater River, thirty miles (50 km) upstream and southeast of the Lower Granite DamBecause of dams (and their locks) on the Snake and Columbia River, Lewiston is reachable by some ocean-going vessels.”

This is the region where the Lewis and Clark expedition passed on its way to finding a passage to the Pacific Ocean.

Scott W. Smith

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Postcard #168 (Spokane—Clinkerdagger)



I’m on the road and still haven’t got my post on the mini-series Chernobyl where I want it to be so I’m going to need to push that back another week or so. In the meantime, here’s a link to all the Chernobyl scripts by Craig Mazin.

Today I had lunch at the Clinkerdagger in Spokane, Washington where many of the tables have great views of the Spokane River.

Here’s an article on the movie Tag (2018) and its roots in Spokane. And playwright/screenwriter Neil LaBute (In the Company of Men, Van Helsing) graduated from high school in Spokane.

Two other movies shot in Spokane are Benny & June starring Johnny Depp, and Vision Quest starring Matthew Modine.

Scott W. Smith


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Postcard #167 (Christmas 2018)

Merry Christmas.
(I took this photo last Saturday in downtown Deland, Florida.)

Scott W. Smith


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